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Moore Well Services, Inc.
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"House Bill 278"
To amend sections 303.211, 519.211, 1509.02, 1509.03, 1509.06, 1509.23, 1509.31, and 1510.11 and to repeal section 1509.39 of the Revised Code to declare that the Division of Mineral Resources Management in the Department of Natural Resources has exclusive authority to regulate the permitting, location, and spacing of oil and gas wells in the state, and to revise the laws governing the drilling of oil and gas and the oil and natural gas marketing program.
Moore Well Services, Inc.  keeps up with the ever changing laws and regulations regarding Oil & Gas production in the State of Ohio.
"Ohio Oil & Gas Law and Regulations"
Information on various laws and regulations can be found at,
ODNR Division of Mineral Resources Management - Oil and Gas.
"Shale Development"
We encourage you to visit the Department of Natural Resources Shale Development Web page often, as they will continue to offer new resources to answer your questions about the impact of oil and gas drilling on Ohio's landscape.  
ODNR Shale Development Page.
Legislation for the Oil & Gas Industry
State of Ohio

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